Tumblr Tip:

Hey Tumblr, have you ever wanted to make a joke about how stereotypically feminine behaviors are no-fail signs of being a stupid, shallow whore, but don’t want to have to worry about those pesky activist types crawling up your tailpipe about “sexism,” or “blatant fucking misogyny?”

Have no fear, because Tumblr’s got you covered! Next time you make a post about how women are just neurotic, brainless, self-obsessed sluts, just make sure you always replace the phrase “women” with “white girls.” It’s just that easy—those two simple words will magically erase any sexist ill-will! And those pesky activists, whom you were worried would tell you to chug Clorox, will instead adoringly reblog your insightful humor, and will accuse anyone who does complain of “white tears.” 

Not sit back, and take it easy, oh witty social critic, and feel good with the knowledge that you’ve just put in a hard day’s work fighting white privilege.