I find communismkills to be an insufferable, disgusting person, but everyone who is responding to her with sexual harrassment and/or insults about her appearance? Fuck you, too.

If your response to a woman saying “I don’t need feminism” is to call her a cunt, a bitch, a whore, say she looks like a man, and sexually harass her, then fuck right off, because feminism doesn’t need you.

For god’s sake, her ideas are idiotic and repugnant enough to provide more than enough fodder for criticism/mockery. 

Of course, this is Tumblr, where calling women “cunt” and “whore,” releasing people’s personal info, telling people to kill themselves, and hate-anon’ing are all how you prove your soshul aktuvist chops. 

Gold star for you fuckwits.