Tumblr’s rightwing extremist club is such low-hanging fruit for hornet’s nest pissing, though. All you ever have to do is make a one or two sentence shitpost making fun of them to get an evening’s worth of *not in the least bit asshurt* reblogs smugly whining about how you’re a cultural marxist shitlord and they’re the mostest smartsest moralestest prettiestest anglo-nordicsest ubermenschen evurrr, all of them written in a style best described as “dollar-store ripoff of G.K. Chesterton.”


Sarajevo then and nowBosnia reopens once-destroyed “Vijecnica”

Sarajevo’s landmark 19th century city hall-turned-National Library re-opened on May 9, 2014 with its old glory fully restored, 22 years after it was destroyed by Serb shelling during the siege of the city along with its almost 2 million books and manuscripts. More than 10,000 people died during the 43-month siege of Sarajevo in which Bosnian Serbs took control of the hills surrounding the city, bombarding it with shells and killing civilians with snipers as they sought food and water.

Photos by Dado Ruvic/Reuters

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Anonymous said: remember, if you're against the spread of Ebola then you're a racist according to tumblr! :)






white privilege is not having ebola

being against the spread of ebola isn’t in itself racist, but it’s pretty sketchy to go running around repeating exaggerated and outright bullshit claims that wild hordes of filthy refugees are bringing ebola into Italy, claims that have been especially trumpeted by racist and anti-refugee political groups

yeah, totally man, i hate racism, here’s a link to a fucking VICE article

goodness gracious, you’re right, that is a terrible source! I should have picked a more far more reliable source like conspiracy-cafe, infowars, stormfront, shftplan.com, or topconservativenews

thank you for schooling me in my sjw foolishness

Yeah, Ebola actually isn’t super contagious. It’s transmitted through bodily fluids, it’s not an airborne virus. Wear gloves and a mask, and wash your hands frequently, and you should be fine, even in infected areas. Ebola is very very scary and has a high mortality rate, but even in areas with outbreaks, your chances of getting it aren’t super high. Guinea has 11.43 million people, and there are only 1,093 reported cases. 

Ummmm scuse u sjw but I believe ur 4getting that immigrants n africans r like disease-ridden animals mmmkay. n ur dumb n go home if u cite a sourse I don’t liek. Uuugh political correctness is sooooo dum:(((((

The non-coastal parts of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern exist primarily as a testament to mankind’s dreariness.

My favorite part of nayyirah waheed’s blog is when some poor feckless soul writes in to talk about why they liked one of her poems, naïvely thinking that they’ll get any response other than a long, enraged lecture about how they didn’t understand the poem and could never Truly Understand the poem.


Ice fishing?  why not nice fishing?  be polite to each other

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yeah im in a gang


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Xavier Dolan in Candy Magazine 2013


This is Trench Warfare. Photo taken by an official British Photographer during WWI, c.1917


This is Trench Warfare. Photo taken by an official British Photographer during WWI, c.1917

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